Published on April 18, 2017

Discover Streamline for Invoices, the new supplier invoice processing solution for yours customers


Wednesday, May 10th - at 10:00 am (UK) / 11:00 am (FR)

ITESOFT | W4 invites its partners, and future partners, to take part in this webinar to discover our new solution for supplier invoices processing automation.

Automation of supplier invoice processing

Mastering the invoice processing process is essential as the stakes go beyond reducing costs. An efficient process for managing supplier invoices brings multiple additional benefits:

  • Optimization of cash flow (payment at due date)
  • Reduction of late payment penalties
  • Opportunity for early payment discounts
  • Regulatory compliance of organizations liable to VAT
  • Improvement of relationship with trading partners

Streamline for Invoices: a more agile platform

The generic processes delivered with Streamline for Invoices significantly reduce implementation costs and delays.

These highly customizable processes have been implemented on a truly Business Process Management (BPM) platform that provides the agility needed to easily and quickly adapt processes to meet the needs of each organization.

The standard solution is fully customizable. It is not only possible to adapt the processes but also to add data, modify screens and rules. The customizations are isolated from the standard code in order to reduce the charge when implementing new versions.

Partner Webinar - Streamline for Invoices

To support you in your approach towards your clients, come and discover Streamline for Invoices:

  • New features and benefits of the solution
  • ROI for your customers
  • Competitive advantages

Topics: SCPAS, Streamline for Invoices