Published on April 12, 2018

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Organisations are automating their Finance Processes, how are they successful?

We often hear about the failure of digital transformation within businesses. However, ensuring that your project runs smoothly and delivers the results that you need shouldn’t be a burden.

Too often projects are run in isolation. The wider business is rarely involved at an early stage and subsequently their ideas and input is missed.

Whilst organisations remain cautious about the Brexit uncertainty and the relatively low levels of economic growth, payment terms for most UK organisations (38%) are between 30-50 days with 19% of UK organisations have higher than 50 days payment terms.

The collapse of Carillion has shown that an unstable supply chain can have disastrous results, with late payments and therefore subsequent lack of liquidity the results can have adverse effects.

ITESOFT and PPN have developed five key steps to success based on the input and experience of businesses from across the UK.

During the webinar we will:

  • Look at how new technology can impact on a business
  • Explore 5 key steps which will lead to a successful digitisation project

Join us as we look at 5 of the main ways of leading a successful digitisation project in financial processes, and how new technology is having an impact on the wider business, not just AP. 


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